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Key points from NZUAG meeting held 5 March 2009

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5 March 2009

Key points from NZUAG meeting held 5 March 2009

Key points from the NZUAG meeting of Thursday 5 March 2009 are:

  • Ian Cox on the NZ Transport Agency has been appointed chairman to replace David Fraser, who has stepped down due to work commitments. As David was also the Ingenium representative on the Group, a new representative will be appointed by Ingenium to replace him.

  • The implementation version of the new National Code for Utilities in the Transport Corridors will be released mid- March 2009. The code will be in PDF format, while the forms will be available separately in Word format so they can be easily used.

  • The list of submissions and responses to the suggestions will be available on the NZUAG website at the same time. NZUAG is grateful to those who made submissions and helped improve the Code before it is implemented. Some issues have however had to be held over until the full review of the Code is carried out so that a fully representative working group can consider them.

  • NZUAG will be running a series of implementation meetings around the country to assist all parties understand their roles and requirements of the Code. NZUAG will also take the opportunity to discuss matters relating to the ongoing management of the Code, data and funding requirements.