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Utilities Code released for public consultation

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11 March 2011

Utilities Code released for public consultation

Submissions close on Friday 11 March 2011.

The draft National Code for Utilities' Access to the Transport Corridors is now available for public comment. While the content of this version is largely the same as that of the 2009 Implementation version of the Code, it has been fully edited, re-ordered and reformatted to comply with all legislation (including the final content of the Utilities Access Act 2010)and to meet the status of a deemed regulation. In addition, explanatory diagrams and flowcharts have been inserted and access to the rail corridors has been fully integrated within the Code. Section 2.1 Rules for Interpreting the Code is important as is Section 2.6 Conflicts of interest

Other areas where some substantive changes have been made are Section 3.7 Utility to utility arrangements and Section 5.15 Working in the vicinity of trees. The chapter on Cost Allocation has been substantially amended. Forms for Schedule A regarding access to the rail corridor will be uploaded to the NZUAG website mid-February 2011. NZUAG is currently working with heritage rail operators on specific wording pertaining to access to heritage rail corridors.

Submissions may be made on behalf of an organisation, part of an organisation, or a group of organisations or by an individual. Written submissions are requested in electronic form, using the form provided on the website. Submissions are due with the Executive Officer of NZUAG by Friday 11 March 2011.

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