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Amendments to Draft National Code

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29 April 2011

Amendments to Draft National Code

NZUAG is inviting comments on ten parts of the Code which have changed as a result of the consultation process. Submissions close on Friday 27 May 2011.

The NZUAG Code Review Group has completed its deliberations on the fifty submissions received on the draft National Code of Practice for Utilities' Access to the Transport Corridors and made various amendments to the Code.  As the changes made to ten of the sections may be considered to be material changes, it is appropriate for the industry to have the opportunity to comment on these changes.

These sections are:

  1. Definitions: Major Works, and Works.  There were a lot of submissions on these definitions.
  2. Section 2.4.1: Quality plans should be project based rather than requiring organisations to have formal quality systems.
  3. Section 2.7.1: Have changed from the potentially vague forward programmes to the formally defined Planned Works
  4. Section 4.1.2: Agreement to modify processes
  5. Section 4.3.1: This links with topic 1, the definitions.
  6. Section 4.5.2: Standard template for Reasonable Conditions
  7. Section 5.1.5: The Committee has made some substantive amendments which address the concerns, while not need to convene an external subgroup to reconsider the content.
  8. Section 5.2.1: General procedures for locating underground utilities
  9. Section 6.4(e): Wrongly located utilities
  10. Section 8.2.2: While this Section has been clarified, the Committee wishes to have feedback on whether the sectors consider these are sensible and useful measures

The amended Code is being released in full to provide the context for these changes.  Corrections and minor changes have been accepted, leaving the more substantive changes  visible.  Significant changes are tracked showing both the original text and the changes made.

Submissions will be considered on these ten sections only.  As was previously done, electronic submissions are  requested  on the form provided.  Submissions are due with NZUAG  by Friday 27 May 2011.

In the interim the Code is undergoing a legal audit.  The results of this will be considered in June by the Code Review Group alongside any submissions received on the ten possibly material changes.  The amended Code will then be forwarded to NZUAG for its endorsement before it is submitted to the Minister for Infrastructure for his approval.

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