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Thank you very much for your contributions

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10 August 2011

Thank you very much for your contributions

NZUAG congratulates the hundreds of people who have participated in the development of the National Code for Utility Operators' Access to Transport Corridors for a job well done.

People from across all sectors have contributed to the Code, whether assisting with drafting the contents in working groups, sitting on review panels, providing feedback at seminars, making submissions as consultation was undertaken and with financial support.

"NZUAG is really proud of the Code as it now stands and this is due to the substantial input of people from all sectors of the industry" says NZUAG Chairman Ian Cox. The Code has been progressively refined during its development, but the interesting fact is that it is still substantively the same Code that was first released for comment in 2007. That tells me the initial drafting team did a brilliant job".

The sectors involved included Corridor Managers for local roads, state highways and motorways and rail; Utility Operator representatives from electricity, gas, telecommunications, water and waste water; and representatives of the contracting and consulting sectors, industry organisations, InfraTrain, government departments and agencies.

"A very sincere thank you to all you for your input" says Mr Cox. "I am looking forward to receiving the Minister's approval and getting the Code fully implemented in all our transport corridors".