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National Code wins award

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3 November 2012

National Code wins award

The National Code has won the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Award for Safety, Security and Environmental Innovation for 2012.

This Award recognises a cost effective innovation in safety devices, systems, procedures and regulations including care of the environment and bio-security in any aspect of the New Zealand logistics, transport or supply chain sectors involving the movement of people and freight.  To achieve the award, the work should involve a substantial level of innovation and change that has enhanced significantly the operations and success of the individuals or of their organizations involvement in the sector or to safety and/or security during the movement of people and freight.

 Award presentation

"The Code was developed by hundreds of people across New Zealand", said Myles Lind, chairman of NZUAG.  "This award recognises their hard work and commitment to the achievement of one nationwide standard being implemented right around New Zealand.  My thanks and congratulations go to every-one who participated in the evolution of the Code, including those who helped draft it, those who provided feedback and peer review,  former NZUAG committee members and Government officials.  You can be justly proud of your achievements."   The work of his predecessors as chairman of NZUAG, David Fraser of Hasting District Council and Ian Cox of  the NZ Transport Agency,  is also acknowledged:  "David brought together a small team to lead the development of the Code and Ian steered the Code through several rounds of consultation" Myles noted.  "Neither job was easy as there are many conflicting interests between corridor managers and utility operators."