NZUAG News issue 12: February 2018


We are now gearing up for the formal Code Review that kicks off at the RIMS Conference on 22 March this year (see below for more details).

In the first part of the review, we will be asking everyone affected by the Code to identify the things that are working, and the things that need changing. We will then collate the feedback and send prepare a track changed version of the Code for consultation as part the seminar series running through June and July.  The will be 5 seminars in Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, as well as 3 on-line seminars using Zoom Video Conferencing. Continue reading “NZUAG News issue 12: February 2018”

November 2017 – NZUAG News issue 11

From the Chair

At the recent NZUAG AGM, I noted that the Board had been active on behalf of members during the 2016/17 year, focusing on two key areas: Code education and Code compliance.  We farewelled some long standing Board members, including Peter Gilbert as Gas Sector representative and Chair of the Finance Committee, and welcomed new ones.  We maintained regular contact with the sector through our quarterly newsletter, and once again our finances were managed well.  We are now in a very strong position to conduct the major Code review next year, and we Continue reading “November 2017 – NZUAG News issue 11”

August 2017 – NZUAG News issue 10

From the Chair

We are now gearing up for the next Code review that will be kicked off in March next year.  The Board is now working on the detailed planning, including a launch at the 2018 RIMS Conference and a series of information seminars.  We will be calling for suggested changes to the Code early next year so please start thinking about any areas that may need to be amended.

The Board is also required under the Code to collect information such as the number of CARs requested and the number of 3rd party strikes on utility assets over the last year.  Collated results will be reported to industry and Continue reading “August 2017 – NZUAG News issue 10”

May 2017 – NZUAG News issue 9

From the Chair

The recent Board meeting focused on two key issues: the next Code review and the monitoring of performance of the National Code of Practice.

The next Code review is planned for 2018.  We will be adopting a similar approach to last time, backed up with a series of seminars around the country, using remote streaming technologies wherever possible to improve participation.  More details will released after the August board meeting.

Continue reading “May 2017 – NZUAG News issue 9”

February 2017 – NZUAG News issue 8

From the Chair

Compliance with the Code (of Practice for Utility Operators’ Access to Transport Corridors) is a hot topic of conversation whenever it is discussed. This was raised at every Code Awareness seminar that we held last year, and was a key issue during submissions on the last Code review. Under the Code, Corridor Managers are required to report on such things as the number of CARs and Works Completion Notices submitted each year, and Utility Continue reading “February 2017 – NZUAG News issue 8”

December 2016 – NZUAG News issue 7

From the Chair

At the NZUAG AGM recently, I noted that the year had been a particularly busy one for the NZUAG Board. We had focused on two key areas: finalising the Code review process in preparation for Ministerial approval, and planning and delivering the Code promotion and awareness seminars around the country. In addition, the Board successfully completed the Constitutional review, progressed the compliance and enforcement work Continue reading “December 2016 – NZUAG News issue 7”

August 2017 – NZUAG News issue 6

From the Chair

There has been lots of activity since my last report. The board has led the Code promotion seminars that were held around the country in June and July. My thanks to Ross Malcolm, our partner the NZ Institute of Highway Technology (NZIHT), board members and participants for making the seminars such a success. We are currently analysing the key issues raised at the seminars to help us with planning for future events.

We are also pleased that the Minister has signed of an amended Code that corrects minor errors in the current Code. The amended Code is now on our website, effective from 16 September. Continue reading “August 2017 – NZUAG News issue 6”

May 2016 – NZUAG News issue 5

From the Chair

The big focus for us over the next 2 months is the NZUAG seminars. The Board has spent considerable time preparing for the seminars, and we are delighted to have been able to engage the services of NZIHT (NZ Institute of Highway Technology) to provide logistical support for their roll-out. The details appear later in the newsletter. Continue reading “May 2016 – NZUAG News issue 5”

February 2016 – NZUAG News issue 4

From the Chair

2016 is going to be a big year for NZUAG. We are very focussed on plans to promote awareness of our organisation and the Code to industry participants around the country. The NZUAG Board signed of the programme at our February meeting. A series of seminars will held in 9 centres throughout New Zealand, and we will be encouraging as many Continue reading “February 2016 – NZUAG News issue 4”

December 2015 – NZUAG News issue 3

From the Chair

As we head into Christmas it’s a good time to reflect on the year’s achievements. The Code review has been completed, a number of working groups have been established, communications with members and stakeholders have been improved and the finances have been managed prudently. We now feel we have established a strong platform for delivering better services for existing and new members in the coming year.

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