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The New Zealand Utilities Advisory Group Incorporated is a joint consultative group of network utility operators and transport corridor managers from territorial authorities, New Zealand Transport Agency, KiwiRail and industry bodies.

Membership is available in two categories: full membership for utility network operators and corridor managers and their industry associations. Associate membership is available to any interested party including individuals. The key benefit of being a member of NZUAG Inc is the ability to participate in all its activities, especially in relation to the National Code of Practice for Utility Operators' Access to Transport Corridors (the Code). This includes the opportunity to directly inform the Board by being appointed as a Board member, and the ability to nominate people to participate in both the Board and any sub-committees established.

Full members have some additional privileges including :

  • Having the opportunity of their staff or Board members appointed to the NZUAG Board as a sector representative
  • Making nominations for their own sector representatives, and for members of the Utility Operators category, the fifth utility slot also
  • Voting rights at General meetings, whether AGM or SGM
  • The right to call a Special General Meeting

The first permanent Board for NZUAG was appointed in 1 May 2013 and meets four times a year - normally May, August, November and February.

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