Our Board

Person                        Organisation                                               Sector Represented 

Brendan Drysdale  Wellington Electricity                       Electricity

Geoff Thorn             NZ Telecommunications Forum   Telecommunications

Tony Hale                 Waipa District Council                       Water

Rene D’Ath               Gas Association of NZ                        Gas

Nick Miskelly          Chorus                                                       5th Utility position

Ian Cox                       NZTA                                                         Government Roads

Ria Apiata                 KiwiRail                                                    National Rail Manager

Brett North              Wellington City Council                     RCA Forum

Tracy Bell                 Timaru District Council                     Smaller TLA’s

Laurence Jones       Auckland Transport                            Major TLA’s

Paul Swain                                                                                     Independent Chair

The Board interests register is available here.

Board papers and reports