December 2015 – NZUAG News issue 3

December 2015 – NZUAG News issue 3

From the Chair

As we head into Christmas it’s a good time to reflect on the year’s achievements. The Code review has been completed, a number of working groups have been established, communications with members and stakeholders have been improved and the finances have been managed prudently. We now feel we have established a strong platform for delivering better services for existing and new members in the coming year.

On behalf of the Board I would like to wish you a Happy Christmas and relaxing New Year, and we look forward to being of service in 2016.


Paul Swain



AGM 2015

A successful AGM was held in Auckland on 25 November. All Board positions have been filled, with equal representation of corridor managers and utility operators. The annual report and audited accounts are available on the website.

The AGM also adopted some changes to the rules for NZUAG. The initial rules reflected a previous period of transition for the organisation and referred to such things as an “interim committee” and it was agreed that rules should be updated. It was also agreed to clarify the representation from the Local Road Manager sector, and to simplify a number of other provisions. The new rules, were subject to legal review before being adopted and will now be registered with the Companies Office’s Societies and Trusts on-line register. Copies of the new rules, and a track change version of the old rules, will soon be available on the website.

Working Groups

The Board received updates on the working groups at its meeting following the AGM, with the biggest emphasis being given to the promotion of the revised Code during 2016.

  • Code promotion campaign: Now that the new Code has been signed off by the Minister, the Board has agreed to a major Code promotion campaign for 2016. It is envisaged that there will be a range of formats, including “After 5” events run by Board members in a number of centres around New Zealand and the development of materials that could be used in longer education sessions and training courses run by training organisations. The purpose of the campaign is to lift the awareness of the Code and raise the profile of NZUAG, while at the same time encouraging debate among corridor managers, utility operators and contractors about the Code and its requirements. More detail on the campaign will be available after our next Board meeting in February next year.
  • Code compliance and enforcement: The importance of compliance with the Code will be one of the themes of the Code promotion campaign next year. In addition, the Board is looking to develop a national register of the local and special conditions. A series of focus groups are being planned for 2016 to explore options for addressing Code compliance and enforcement and membership feedback will be sought
  • NZUAG Rules: Now that the new rules of the organisation have been approved by the AGM, this working group has been wound up after successfully completing its work. The Board will keep an eye on any implementation issues that may arise from the changes and will check to see if any changes will be necessary following the impending review on the Incorporated Societies legislation, and may make further recommendations for change in the future if necessary.
  • Website Update: Over the next few weeks a smallteam will making minor changes to the look and feel of the website and working through the web pages to ensure all the information is up to date. This will be an ongoing process as the website is gradually updated.

The Board at work reviewing their past year’s performance

Digital Auckland Presentation

The team from Auckland Council managing the Digital Auckland Initiative, a project to develop digital tools for managing the growth of Auckland (similar to the tools developed for the rebuild of Christchurch), attended the latest Board Meeting and presented on this initiative. One of the initial features they intend to implement is a Forward Works Planner. This function has proved particularly valuable in Christchurch and is anticipated to provide significant synergy and savings in Auckland too. A copy of the presentation made to the Board is available for downloading from events page of the NZUAG website.

RIMS Conference 2016

The Road Infrastructure Management Forum will be held in Rotorua on 9 and 10 March 2016. Of the two streams on Day 2, the Corridor Management stream will be hosted by NZUAG. The CM stream aims to cater for emergency services, heavy haulage, public transport, contractors, Utility Operators, and corridor managers involved in corridor access management issues in New Zealand. It will provide an opportunity to update participants on the revised Code and to provide a forum to discuss and debate issues related to corridor access management generally. The Board is supporting this event, and will be working to ensure there is a good turnout. Please block out those dates in your diaries.

Membership drive

Currently, NZUAG has 34 full members (20 Corridor Managers and 14 Utility Operators) and 16 Associate members. Two new Associate members were approved at the November Board meeting. While many individual Corridor Managers and Utility Operators are represented through industry organisations, some are members in their own right. Membership gives people access to decision making and participation in the key issues facing industry, although only full members are entitled to be represented on the Board or vote at AGMs. The Board will be engaging in a membership drive shortly. In the meantime, if your organisation would like to join as either a full or associate member, please contact our administrator Colin Lewis at, or simply download a membership application form from the NZUAG website.

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