National Code Compliance

Conflicts of Interest Declarations

Organisations that are corridor managers as well as utility operators or provide  more than one utility type, are required to notify this as a conflict of interest.   The NZUAG maintains a Conflict of Interests Declarations Register which can be viewed here.

Code Performance Reporting

The National Code requires the NZUAG to report to the Minister about compliance with the Code.

The NZUAG gathers information from Corridor Managers and Utility Operators to use in the report. 

NZUAG National Code of Practice

Code Performance Annual Return Response Rates

by year and sector

Corridor Managers70%55%78%49%37%
Utilities – electricity77%38%77%58%39%
Utilities – gas100%100%80%83%100%
Utilities – telecoms40%40%46%33%27%
Utilities – 3 waters27%36%47%30%5%

The reports on annual compliance are available below.

2016/17 NZUAG National Code Performance Report

2017/18 NZUAG National Code Performance Report

2018/19 NZUAG National Code Performance Report

20019/20 NZUAG National Code Performance Report