Code Review

On 29 March 2019, the NZUAG completed its second review of the National Code of Practice for Utility Operators’ Access to Transport Corridors.

The timeline for the review was:

  • 1st submission period:  22 March – 20 April – completed
  • Code Review promotion:  June – July               – completed
  • 2nd submission period:  16 July – 10 August – completed
  • Code document updated:  October                     – completed
  • 3rd submission period:  3 – 21 December (limited to changes accepted by the Code Review Committee from submission rounds 1 and 2)                             – completed
  • Code document updated:  January 2019           – completed
  • Legal Review:                         February 2019        – completed
  • NZUAG Board approval:    February 2019        – completed (27/2)
  • Treasury briefing:               March 2019              – completed (15/3)
  • Submit to Minister              March 2019              – completed (29/3)

Following ministerial approval, the amended version of the Code has been uploaded to this website.

A external Code Effectiveness Working Group was subsequently convened to review the Code’s effectiveness, reporting to the Board in May 2020.  A copy of their final report is available here.

The next formal review of the Code is scheduled to commence in 2021.  In the lead-up to this we have a recording system in place so that anyone who wishes to provide feedback on the Code, prior to the review commencement, may do so. We welcome any suggestions for improvement and will hold them to be considered in the next review.

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