Code Reviews

Phase 1 of the review process has finished with submissions assessed by the Code Review Steering Group.  A copy of these can be downloaded here.  A copy track-change version of the Code, incorporating the proposed changes can be viewed here.  Details on the stage 2 submissions process will be available on this page once they have been confirmed.

The following documents outline the scope for the review and the current timeline.

As a lead-in to the submission process two Code Review Zoom webinars were held on 18 and 31 August.

The following webinar files are available for viewing/ download:
Webinars slide pack
Webinar 1 video recording - August 18
Webinar 2 video recording - August 30

An issues discussion outlining key areas where feedback on the Code is sought is available here.

We welcome any suggestions for improvement and will review for consideration as part of the review.