NZUAG News issue 12: February 2018

NZUAG News issue 12: February 2018

We are now gearing up for the formal Code Review that kicks off at the RIMS Conference on 22 March this year (see below for more details).

In the first part of the review, we will be asking everyone affected by the Code to identify the things that are working, and the things that need changing. We will then collate the feedback and send prepare a track changed version of the Code for consultation as part the seminar series running through June and July.  The will be 5 seminars in Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, as well as 3 on-line seminars using Zoom Video Conferencing.

The organisation of these seminars, including dates, times and venues, is being carried out by our partner NZIHT (NZ Institute of Highway Technology), who run short courses on the Code.

Please keep an eye out for more details on the review and the seminars via our website later in March.

I look forward to your input into the Code review. Any improvements to the Code should benefit the industry and New Zealand as a whole.


Paul Swain

Chair, NZUAG

Board News

We had a busy agenda at our recent meeting on 22 February.  The newsletter provides a summary of decisions made, as well as the other areas of discussion including

– a decision to utilise ‘Zoom’ technology as an on-line platform for collaborative engagement, both internally as well as externally, with stakeholders and other interested groups.  This tool will be used particularly in the delivery of the Code Review Seminar series;

–  a focus for the new financial year on raising the profile of NZUAG amongst non-member organisations, with a view to expanding membership and therefore wider industry buy-in to the work of NZUAG and particularly the National Code of Practice;

– finalisation of the content of the ‘Working Safely in the Road’ handbook, so that a new print run can be made in preparation for the RIMS Conference in late March;

– a commitment to continue engagement with external stakeholders and related industry players at each Board meeting.  Anyone seeking to engage with the NZUAG Board in this way is invited to make contact with our administrator in the first instance.

If anyone wishes to know more about what the Board is working on, you can check our website, or r contact our Administrator, or talk to your Board member sector representatives.

2018 Code Review and Seminar Series

The major focus for NZUAG through 2018 will be undertaking a review of the National Code of Practice for Utility Operators’ Access to Transport Corridors.  The Board has adopted a similar two-stage approach to the one used for the previous review in 2014.  This will see an initial public submission round, to identify areas where change to the Code may be required, followed by a second round to obtain feedback on any proposed changes resulting from the first consultation round.  The first submission round will be launched at the 2018 RIMS Forum in Palmerston North on 21/ 22 March.   The second submission round will be undertaken as part of a series of Code Education seminars, currently scheduled to occur during June and July.  Seminars will be held around the country in Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.  These will be supplemented by three webinar-style sessions utilising the ‘Zoom’ platform, to allow those unable to physically attend a seminar to still engage in Code related discussions. Information relating to the review will be on our website in time for the RIMS conference on 22 March.

2017 KPI’s Data Reporting

The Code Compliance and Enforcement Committee reported back to the Board on their findings from analysis of 2017 Code KPI data (Section 8.2.2 and 8.2.3 of the Code).  While 89 out of 130 organisations responded to the request for data, only 67 provided meaningful returns.  This resulted in an effective 52% response rate.  This leaves plenty of room for improvement to what is, after all, a statutory reporting requirement.  One of the questions being considered by the Board and the Code Review Committee, is what additional provisions may be needed to achieve closer to 100% reporting in future years.

Some of the key findings highlighted in the KPI report were:

– The low average WCN: CAR ratio (0.43) suggests there are some issues with Corridor Managers obtaining sign-off for completion of CAR activities. This is likely to be addressed as part of the Code Review process;

– The low average number of Non-Conformance Notices compared to the number of remedial actions required, suggests a possible disconnect between the NCN and remedial action process, which may require further investigation;

– The fact that 19 Utility Operators reported either no strikes or left this field blank raises a question as to whether there are in fact large numbers of strike-free utilities, or whether strike details are not being reported fully to them by contractors, meaning they cannot in turn then report accurately to NZUAG.

The Code Enforcement and Compliance Committee’s report will be considered by the Code Review Committee in framing questions to be asked as part of the Code Review process, as well as being used by the Committee itself to draft a report back to industry members and the Minister for Infrastructure.  Both these subsequent reports will be signed off by the Board at its next meeting in May.

2018/19 Membership Fees Unchanged

Having considered planned expenditure for the new financial year (commencing 1 April 2018) the Board has agreed to maintain membership fees at their current rates.  This means full members will continue to pay $2,000 + GST, while associate members will pay $500 + GST.  Should the awareness raising and new member drive prove successful, this may open the possibility for a reduction in subscription levels when they are reviewed again this time next year.

RIMS Forum 2018

With the RIMS Forum now less than a month away, this is a final reminder regarding this important event for Corridor Managers.  As well as a focus on the review of the Code, the NZUAG Day 2 stream will also include discussion on topics as diverse as reinstatement issues from the deep south to the heavy haulage industry. While early bird bookings have now closed, registrations can still be made on the RIMS website  The NZUAG team look forward to gathering with as many as you as possible at the Palmerston North Convention Centre on Thursday March 22nd.

Website Upgrade

The Board has signed off on a proposal to completely redevelop the NZUAG website, utilising a more modern platform.  This should mean an improved website which will allow us to integrate tools such as Survey Monkey, along with a dedicated page for the Code Review process.  The NZUAG domain name and main contact email addresses will continue unchanged.  It is anticipated that the website upgrade will be completed in time for the Code review launch at the RIMS Forum at the end of March.

NZUAG News is published regularly to assist in keeping


Industry members and stakeholders informed of NZUAG activities relating to improving knowledge and application of the National Code of Practice for Utilities Access to Transport Corridors. 

Your feedback and comment on any of the matters raised in the Newsletter are welcomed, as part of a process of ongoing industry dialogue.

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