NZUAG News Issue 13: May 2018

NZUAG News Issue 13: May 2018

In this issue of the NZUAG News we report on the review of the Code which is now in full swing, including how to have your say; the NZUAG report to the Minister about compliance with the Code; and subscriptions are now due.

The first round of submissions has closed, and the results are being analysed.  A summary of submissions will be available from the NZUAG website shortly.  A series of seminars and webinars (details below) is planned for June and July, which will give you the chance to have a say on Code issues that affect you.  The second round of submissions on a track changed version of the Code will begin in late July, and close in September.  Please take the time to send in your thoughts on how the Code could be improved.  The more the feedback, the better the outcome.

Every year we are required to report to the Minister and industry on the performance of the Code. This report, which has just been completed, is available here.  An overview of the findings appear below.

Finally, it’s subscription renewal time again.  Invoices are being sent out as we speak, so please ensure prompt payment so that NZUAG can continue its important work on your behalf.  We are also encouraging non-members to join and letters to potential new members will be sent out shortly.  Please consider joining and helping us to promote the interests of industry through a well-functioning Code.

Until next time,


Paul Swain

Code Review:

NZUAG’s work programme for 2018 is focussed on conducting the second review of the Code, and to run a series of seminars and webinars to raise awareness of the Code and the review.  The Code Review and Code Awareness programmes will be run simultaneously through the 2018 calendar year.

The Code Review Programme

The 2018 Code Review follows a similar structure to that used successfully for the first Code Review in 2014. It consists of two submission rounds:

The first round invited industry participants to provide feedback on;

  • What within the Code works well and should be kept,
  • What within the Code is not working and should be changed, and
  • How compliance with the Code could be improved.

Submissions on this round were launched at the RIMS conference on 22 March, and were closed on 20th April.  The main points from this round will be loaded on the website shortly.

Submissions have been received from 13 submitters.  These will be considered by the Code Review Committee (Nick Miskelly, Ian Cox, Phil Consedine and Ross Malcolm, supported by Paul Swain and Colin Lewis) during the first two weeks of June.  Changes the committee adopt will be drafted as proposed changes to the Code.

The second submission round will commence on 9th July and will run for 4 weeks.  We will invite submissions on a “track change” version of the Code that incorporates changes adopted by the Code Review Committee, as well as proposed changes to the Code generally.  The Committee will review and consider submissions during September.

Submitters will be given an opportunity to present their submission points to the Committee through this phase.

With all submissions considered, the Code document will be updated, undergo a legal review, be presented to the NZUAG Board for approval, be presented to Treasury for their information and be presented to the Minister for approval in the first quarter of 2019.

The Code Awareness Programme

The 2018 Code Awareness Programme consists of a series of half day seminars presented at 5 locations across New Zealand.  These will be complemented with 3 webinar sessions utilising Zoom technology.

The seminars and webinars will be titled “Transport Corridors and Utility Access – A NZUAG Seminar on the Code and its Review”. 

The Seminar Session Schedule

The seminars will be held as detailed below.  They will all start at 10am and be finished by 2pm, with light refreshments included.  The cost is $50 + GST per person.

Date Location Venue Address
Tuesday 19th June Auckland Bruce Mason Centre The Promenade,Takapuna
Wednesday 20th June Rotorua Rydges Hotel 272 Fenton Street,Rotorua
Wednesday 27th June Christchurch Chateau on the Park Hotel 189 Deans Avenue,Riccarton
Thursday 28th June Dunedin Wains Hotel 310 Princes Street,Dunedin
Friday 6th July Wellington Brentwood Hotel 16 Kemp Street,Kilbirnie

The New Zealand Institute of Highway Technology (NZIHT) has been engaged to organise and manage the seminars.  This link will take you to the registration page.

The Webinar Session Schedule

The three webinar sessions will be held on Thursday 12th July, Wednesday 18th July, and Thursday 24th July.  Registration details, including timing, will be posted on the website in early July.

As you can see, this is a busy period for all of us. Please take the time to send in your thoughts on how the Code could be improved. The more the feedback, the better the outcome.

Code Performance report

As mentioned above, NZUAG is required to report annually to the Minister and industry on the performance of the Code in that year. The report has recently been completed and is available here.

In order to prepare the report, we conducted a survey among corridor managers and utility operators earlier in the year. We want to thank those who took part in the survey. The survey methodology and results are included in the report. Some of the key observations are that compliance with the Code, including reporting, needs further attention; coordination of work in transport corridors, and in particular notification of when work is completed, needs major improvement and data collection on third party strikes on utility operators’ assets needs to be addressed.

We will be considering the issues raised in the report as part of the Code review that is currently underway.

Financial update: 2017/18.

The draft annual accounts were considered by the Board at our May meeting. The accounts show a healthy financial position, and small surplus at year end, which is the result of careful financial management during the year. The accounts are now with the Auditor, and will be presented at the AGM in November. They will be available on the website at that time as well.

We expect to run a small deficit for the 2018/19 year, given the promotional activity and costs associated with the formal review of the Code. However, we have anticipated these costs and we will be able to manage any deficit through the reserves we have built up over time.

Constitutional issue

Our last major review of our Constitution was conducted in 2015, with recommendations adopted at the 2015 AGM. The Constitution Committee of NZUAG has advised that there is an outstanding issue related to some inconsistencies in the wording of the Constitution relating to the status of organisations that can nominate NZUAG Board members. The committee is working on some recommendations for change, which will be circulated for comment well in advance of the AGM in November.

Subscription renewals and new members

On behalf of the Board I want to thank our members for their ongoing support of the work NZUAG does on behalf of the industry. The current Code review is a major undertaking, which would not be possible without your financial support. Invoices for the 2018/19 year are currently being sent out, and I would appreciate your prompt payment so that the work can continue.

We are also encouraging non-members to join, so that the load can be shared across a greater number of members. Letters to non-members requesting they consider joining NZUAG will also be sent out this month.

I want to thank you in advance for supporting the work of NZUAG in the interests of the industry, the public and the New Zealand economy.

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